Thursday, October 8, 2009

Look in the mirror! Seriously!!!!!!

Hope y'all have been learning. Well I have...tho' I'm the one
Well the time has come for us to take things a wee bit personal. Yup!I'm serious. This goes awt to all my ladies!(Yeah! put your hands up!lol) We gotta look in the mirror galz! Yeah.I know what u'r thinking. "Hey! Lyk I do that a million times in the day fo' your info!". I know that sweetheart. I do too. But some of us look in the mirror everyday without actually seeing! Uh huh. I ain't nuts. This is a serious issue!!

Now check this out. I was taking a leisurely hike with a girlfriend of mine, and I saw this masquerade! For real!! I was mesmerized! It wasn't like we were having a carnival or something! Why the show? Well being the inquisitive girl that I am,(trust me, I AM inquisitive!), I cautiously walked up to the "stuff" and DANG!!!!!! It was a friend of mine....hidden behind a kaleidoscope of colours, also known as make-up!!!!! Now I know you'll be screaming "Jeez're exaggerating!!!". But believe me when I say that I am serious. I saw what I saw!!

Now lemme paint a picture of what she had on her face...(Yeah ryt....I've got enough colour.I got 'em from her Ok...I'll start from the hair. That was gold!!!Then the eye brows were lined with maroon red eye pencil!Lemon green eye shadow, blush (that was pink), oily lip gloss.....I'm sure you now understand my initial enthusiasm at seeing a masquerade on a hot, sunny afternoon!!!lol. Now I'm not going to describe her outfit. She might read this someday and remember...(u know what can

Thinking about this, I really wonder if she took a look at the mirror before she stepped outta her house that day. I mean seriously! Even Johnny Bravo does that, and he's a brainless oaf!lol. It would have saved her a lot of embarrassment that day(I wasn't the only one who saw that). At least maybe she would have had a rethink about the colour spree when her reflection goes "hey girl you aint pretty!lol)

Ladies, we love looking good. At least I do. Now and then we do want the guys in the hood to go gaga. But let's face it. That can't happen if we do not take a good look at ourselves before we step out everyday....or can it? Oh yeah!It can. They'll go gaga alright - with laughter!!!You'll be the talk of the day!!I wouldn't want that for myself, and I'm sure you wouldn't either.

I guess this is it. Get a really cute mirror and each day, look in it till you can confidently say "mehn I'm pretty!!"lol

Catch y'all later!!