Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mirror, mirror on the wall........

Now don't start complainin' cuz we're gonna be having this mirror talk for as long as long can be! Don't worry tho'. It'l only gets better as time goes by.

Anywayz this one goes awt to the blokes! Yup!! You didn't think I'd be lashing out on the ladies all the time, did you? Not on your lives dudes!!lol

Alright. Check this awt. I'm taking a hike as usual (I do get bored and i need to get some fresh air sometimes!), and I see this really cute bloke!Lyk he was drop dead gorgeous!!Woah!!!(Ok. I'm lyk way outta ma league now, but I gotta appreciate beauty when I see it.....ryt?)

So I keep walking, cuz this cutie's kinda far away, and I move on to get a good look......and BANG!!!!! I get hit by a meteor from outter space!! Ok that's not true...at least I'm alive ryt? But ya see, this "cutie" looked like something out of a "halloween rejects" catalog....and it wasn't even halloween!!! Gosh! For all the cuteness, his dress sense was way outta line! Now that was so annoying cuz I was beginning to ....um......

Well let's not go into whatever was running through ,my mind.lol. I'd rather tell ya what was goin on b4 my eyes!! Now this guy's bouncing along (dunno wot U dudes think. that limp...or whatever you do in the name of a swaggerlicious walking style really sucks!) in a pair of faded jeans, which would have been really cool but for the fact that it was actually faded. Lyk it had been washed a thousand times over!! He also had on a white t-shirt....or was supposed to be putting on a white t-shirt, except it wasn't exactly white...more like creamy brown!!!(Trust me on this one y'all! I Ain't joking!!)

Y'all got an idea of how massive the meteor was now?lol.....My analysis ain't complete without a proper scrutinization of the element of matter he had on his legs....(I'm a scientist! what daya expect?lol) Ok he was donnin' these cool pair of sneakers. Well I gotta hand it to the guy. I loved those shoes!! There was only one thing wrong with them...they just didn't go with the drab clothes!!

Now don't get me wrong. I ain't got issues with this guy. I"ve never met the guy.....not even in my nightmares. But let's face it...girls ain't the only ones who have issues with the fashion police! In fact some guys need to be imprisoned for life! Take our 'cutie' for example. He just missed the opportunity of a lifetime. I'm sure i wasn't the only one who got hit by the meteor! How could such a handsome guy leave his crib without taking a sneak peek at the mirror? I'm pretty sure we al know what would have conspired between him and his reflection!!

To all ma pretty guyz ova there...yes you...(don't take my word for it tho"...lol), the mirror was never created with a "girl" tag on it. It is an instrument for everyone. So I guess the next time you wanna go on a stroll, do a lil "mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most ........of all?"

AND DON'T GO NOWHERE UNLESS YOU GET A FAVOURABLE ANSWER OUTTA DAT THING!!Trust me... U don't wanna be the latest topic for some girly gist!!