Monday, February 8, 2010

Sorry '10!!

Hey Everyone!!!

Ok...I guess the first thing I'm gon' do is get down on 1 knee and scream..."I AM SO SORRY!!" for going away from blogger without an official bye bye!...hmm...that kinda reminds me of someone I know...hmm..Ahem! Yardy!!
Seriously all, I'm sorry. It was not intentional. Some issues needed tending to.

Now let me officially wish everyone a happy new year! (What??!!! Wake up gurlfriend!It's the second month of the year already! HELLOOOO!!! Earth calling Mars!) Yeah. I know. But I believe a new year does not necessary mean a 1st of January event! It signifies a new beginning - new lives, changes from good girl to better girl to best girl know....It also involves a conscious determination to achieve something you did not achieve last year. Like becoming a lot friendlier than you have always been, like saving, like looking in the mirror a lot more....yeah!That's the point ain't it? =)

As for me, I have decided to change some things about myself that are "not-so-good' and improve on those things that are kinda-ok-but-needs-a-lil-work. And I've also decided not to go AWOL on blogger again. I believe this year's gon' be a great year for every one of us if we determine to make a lil change here and there where it is needed. For a part of this year, I'm gon' be discussing on some mirror-gazing issues...lyk...uh...lemme save that for my next post.

Once again, Happy New year folks! And don't forget to take a sneak peek at the mirror everyday. It ain't gon' hurt.


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  1. Gaaah!!! Finally! I thought I was gonna have to send a search party or something. Anyway welcome back! Don't abandon us again.